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Made For Duty Overseas (2023)
"i hate menthol"

A noir-ish tale centred around a packet of menthol vogue cigarettes, moving between Sri Lanka and the UK. Intrigued by the allure of a mysterious woman and political espionage, our narrator finds herself enticed into an addiction. Cut out animation using entirely painted fabric and embroidered parts.

Produced at Royal College of Art.

grrl haus, usa, 2024
Cardiff Animation Festival, Cardiff, 2024
London Short Film Festival 2024, London, UK (Winner - Runner Up Best Lo Budget Short)
Berlin British Shorts Festival 2024, Berlin, Germany
Athens anifest, online, 2024
Pöff Shorts 2023, Tallinn, Estonia
Manchester Animation Festival 2023, Manchester, UK
CutOut Fest 2023, Mexico City, Mexico
Future Film Festival 2023, Bologna, Italy
As Above, So Below (group show), Hypha Studios, London, UK

Los Angeles Animation Festival 2023

Press and Documentation

RCA Online Digital Show 2023 

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